4 Reasons Why Your Asphalt Surface Needs To Be Seal Coated

4 Reasons Why Your Asphalt Surface Needs To Be Seal Coated

Your parking lots and driveways are eventually going to give in to Tampa, Florida‘s extreme heat if they aren’t seal coated.

Without a protective sealant locking all the vital elements of your asphalt surface in, cracks and chips will occur. And as obvious as it may sound, these chips and cracks will definitely create a major safety hazard for both drivers and pedestrians.

If you are noticing cracks and chips on your asphalt surface worsening by the day, it is time to head over to The Resource Pavement Group for surface repair. Click here to let us get started with sealcoating your driveway and parking lots!

The main reason why surfaces crack open is not so much because of exposure to harsh weather conditions. It’s actually more to do with not getting your surface seal coated.

Sealcoating is the final icing on the cake. It beautifies your surface and seals it to prevent water from seeping in. It also prevents other annoyances such as frost heaves, chips, and stubborn oil stains from wreaking havoc on your paved surface.

In short, if you aren’t getting your asphalt surface seal coated, you are missing out on refined and well-protected pavement that will last a lifetime.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to look into sealcoating:

1. Prevents water damage

Even though Tampa isn’t known for cold winters to cause the typical freeze-thaw cycle, there is one thing it is known for; tropical rains.

And when it starts showering in this awfully humid city, paved surfaces pay the price.

Excessive raining and poor drainage systems are both invitations to imposing damage to your asphalt surface. With much water remaining stagnant around the edges, eventually asphalt pavement will start to erode – therefore weakening the surface’s structure.

Sealcoating acts like a shield protecting your surface from rapid water erosion.

By using the best pro sealcoating material, your paved surface will be protected from water erosion, water seepage, and as well as the cracks that result from the freeze-thaw cycle.

2. Spills

Highways, parking lots, and driveways are always hustling and bustling with cars and trucks every day. Due to regular exposure to vehicles, they will inevitably come across frequent spills.

While most spills won’t affect your surface’s composition, more chemical-based spills such as oils and acetic acid can potentially ruin your surface’s look forever.

Sealcoating prevents spills from leaving a permanent mark on your beautiful parking lot and driveway. It coats your asphalt pavement with a rich black tar sealant – that serves both an aesthetic and protective purpose.

We at The Resource Pavement Group recommend sealcoating your pavement every 2 to 3 years to avoid stubborn spill stains and prevent different chemicals from eating away your asphalt.

3. Aesthetic reasons

If shielding your surface from spills was not convincing enough of a reason to get your pavement seal coated, aesthetics will chime you in.

Honestly though. There is nothing more satisfying than glancing on a freshly-installed asphalt pavement in all its black luxuriant glory.

So it’s no surprise as to why so many homeowners and businesses regularly seal coat their parking lots and driveways. They want to enhance their curb appeal and leave a positive first impression for their visitors!

The best part is, seal coating gets you that freshly laid-down asphalt look without actually having to install asphalt.

Seal coating is essentially just painting over your surface and enriching its texture and color for a much longer time. It intensifies your surface’s color while protecting it from every day wear-and-tear! What’s not to love about sealcoating!

4. Extended lifespan

Since sealcoating locks in your asphalt’s structure with a protective tar sealant, there is no doubt your paved area’s lifespan will extend for an extra few years.

We at The Resource Pavement Group apply an even coating of high-quality sealcoating material to ensure your paved surface lasts for several decades without a single chip or crack! Click here to get in touch with our sealcoating experts to get your surface looking brand new again.