5 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Concrete Sidewalk

5 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Concrete Sidewalk

Most owners are so entirely focused on beautifying their properties’ interior that they tend to forget about the exterior look of their estate. Although what’s on the inside matters most, your property’s exterior also plays a significant role in enhancing the estate value and aesthetics – in particular the concrete sidewalk, the maintenance and repair of which are often neglected.

An adequately maintained concrete sidewalk signals a neat and secure neighborhood, and also serves as an aesthetic addition to your home. So, if your sidewalk needs a little TLC to get back in shape, here are a few tips you need to know.

1. Keep Them Clean

As we discussed earlier, a well-managed sidewalk is an essential part of a clean neighborhood – and nothing shouts ‘ugly sidewalk’ louder than a lawn overrun by weeds.

That said, always make sure to clean your sidewalk by plucking out any long plant stems popping out from the cracks. During winters, take some time to shovel out the snow regularly, as it cracks the concrete when the snow melts and freezes again.

2. Slab Jacking

An unleveled sidewalk can be dangerous and cause serious accidents. To ensure that your sidewalks are equally leveled, you need to hire a professional contractor to fix the problem with slab jacking.

Slab jacking is a technique used to repair sidewalks and level them up. It’s a procedure where every sunken concrete slab of your sidewalk is lifted, and a mixture of concrete is poured into the gaps to fill it up. This lifts the sidewalk slabs up to their original positions.

3. Avoid Salt and Deicers

Avoid pouring salt and deicers over concrete as it causes scaling and crumbling. Instead, rinse it with a mixture of dish-washing liquid and water. You can also use cat litter or regular sand in place of salt or deicers. To spruce it up further, wash it with detergent and water.

4. Clean up Stains

Stains are generally seen as unattractive, especially on a sidewalk; these include oil stains, rust stains, and paint stains.

To remove oil or grease from your sidewalk, use an alkaline degreaser or a power washer. Oxalic acid in cleansers removes rust stains from concrete sidewalks, and solvents with citrus remove paint stains in no time!

5. Repair If Needed

If you notice any cracks or gaps in your sidewalks, you should contact a professional contractor immediately. Wearing of the concrete might be the reason for the cracking, but once you have repaired all the damages, your sidewalk will be safe from premature deterioration.

Remember, repairing small gaps and cracks as quickly as possible will save you huge amounts of money in the future!

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