5 Ways You Can Prolong Your Pavement Surface’s Lifespan

5 Ways You Can Prolong Your Pavement Surface’s Lifespan

Whether it’s your home or business, installing fresh asphalt is a great way to increase your property’s curb appeal. 

That said, property owners should also take care of asphalt maintenance to prolong the beauty and durability of their pavement surface. 

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In today’s blog, we list 5 ways to extend the lifespan of your pavement surface. 

1. Watch How You Drive

Much surface damage can be avoided by driving slowly and responsibly on your pavement. Similarly, parking lot managers should also install signs and speed bumps to control traffic flow. 

This is all the more important for newly installed surfaces. Abrupt braking, overspeeding, and parking in the same spot for a long time can create tire marks and depressions. 

Your asphalt paving contractor should know what kind of traffic you are expecting on your new pavement. This is necessary to determine the appropriate thickness. But even if your paving assets have sufficient thickness, reckless driving can still damage the surface. 

2. Remove Stains And Debris

New asphalt has a clean, dark look. While this looks stunning, it also means dirt, stains, and debris will be easily visible on your driveway or parking lot. That is why you should never forego keeping your pavement surface clean. 

Removing debris is necessary to make the surface clean and also avoid clogged drains. Oil stains, on the other hand, can harden and create a slippery and dangerous surface. Moreover, they can also weaken the binder and cause it to break away from the aggregate. Therefore, get rid of oil stains as soon as you spot them. 

As winters arrive, you should also create a plan to remove snow from your property. Depending on the snowfall volume, you may plow or shovel it away or hire professionals to clear out your pavement.

3. Sealcoat The Surface

No asphalt maintenance plan is complete without sealcoating. Applying a pavement sealer to the surface is necessary to avoid damage caused by water, UV rays, oil spills, and oxidation. You should call your asphalt contractor to perform sealcoating every couple of years, depending on how strong the surface is. 

4. Give It Time To Dry

Installing asphalt is a relatively quick process, but you need to give the material enough time to dry and harden. This usually takes up to two days. 

This is why asphalt paving companies recommend against walking or driving on the new surface for at least 24 hours. The drying time will depend on the type of asphalt mix used and the local weather. The more you wait for the surface to dry, the better it will sustain in the long run. 

5. Fix Damage On The Fly

Finally, you should never ignore asphalt damage, especially cracks. If cracks are left open, they can expand over time and further deteriorate the pavement. 

To sum up, asphalt maintenance can help you enjoy the full-service life of your pavement while keeping the surface smooth and damage-free.  

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