About Us

Who We Are

At RPG, we strictly abide by our high standards of craftsmanship which have been the driving force behind our unparalleled paving solutions and services. Resource Pavement Group, founded and owned by Jeremy Kacerski, has been operating and serving customers exceptional paving results for more than 18 years in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete, Florida.

We at RPG are firm believers of quality over quantity. With this understanding, we have employed only the most knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced workers as a part of our team to deliver customers outstanding long-term results. Our customers are our most prized possession, and therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective solutions to their pavement concerns using the most cutting-edge technologies, paving materials, and grading equipment.

RPG guarantees in resolving your concerns related to your pavement worries and stands resolute in carefully assessing your commercial and residential property before starting the project. Our paving maestros are known to tackle difficult situations with the utmost attention and precision to ensure quality is never compromised.

With almost two decades of pavement-resolving brilliance, RPG has produced a wide output of extremely satisfied customers by ensuring their needs, budget, and requests were always given top priority. We have, on-board, skilled and devoted paving experts who promise to achieve optimal results for your asphalt and concrete surfaces, without overstepping your budget.

We are dedicated to tailoring your project according to your economical capacity. We do this so that all our customers can have the pavement they always longed for without risking their cost-efficiency objective!

RPG is truly the answer to all your pavement problems. Whether you are looking for an asphalt surface to be paved, or are planning to demolish your property for site grading, RPG does it all! We specialize in paving asphalt and concrete surfaces, seal-coating, asphalt milling, crack filling, site grading, and provide asphalt repair and maintenance services.

This is why we continuously succeed; we listen to your complaints and requirements, we devise a customized plan for your property, and lastly, we ensure your project is completed with the greatest efficiency for flawless results.

Once we have given our customers our word, we never go back on it! Our experts work tirelessly to ensure all pavement projects are accomplished on time, right on the dot! We pride ourselves at RPG in constructing pavement that provide long-term durability and remarkable performance each time!
On the hunt for a brand-new asphalt or concrete surface? If so, you have stumbled upon the right place! Call RPG at (813) 389-0523 to get in touch with one of our consultants to assist you in your project’s needs.