Budget-Friendly: 9 Patio Ideas For Your Pumpkin Spiced Evenings This Fall!

Budget-Friendly: 9 Patio Ideas For Your Pumpkin Spiced Evenings This Fall!

In subtropical Florida, the only worry is the hot and humid summer months. So as the fall arrives, so does the soothing warmth of sunsets, beckoning you to spaces outside. Having a patio to relax in during such pleasant evenings becomes necessary if you have the area to install one. Plus, Halloween is just around the corner for a patio installation and a pumpkin spiced costume get-together! 

We can barely contain our excitement in listing a couple of quick and budget-friendly patio ideas that you can install with some expert advice and opinions from your favorites at Resource Pavement Group.

1. Concrete Sofa Patio –

Reasonably cheap to pre-fab and assemble. This is an excellent installation that blends with the earth very well. Add cushions, a table, and a fire pit to complete the scene. Prep & installation would cover a month.

2. editerranean Style –

You need colorful floor tiles, cane or redwood furniture, and horizontal slat enclosures. Maybe add few lanterns and warm LEDs out of sight to brighten the gulf evening.

3. Pallet Minimalism –

We’re serious! Repurposed pallets are excellent materials for patio base as well as making furniture out of it! It would help if you had basic wood cutting and sanding equipment and some floor planks. Add the varnish, then cushions and tables. The idea is a perfect way to show your DIY skills.

4. Gravel Tea Party –

Grab some smoothed gravel, raze a section of your yard, install concrete curbs, and pour the gravel. Level and bring out your best wicker with an antique tea set plus some decor from the local flea market. You are all set to go for Halloween’s eve!

5. Cantilevered Sofa –

A slightly expensive option, but you basically have horizontal concrete slabs, to which wooden benches are attached. Add concrete floor slabs, interspersed with smooth gravel, and a concrete fire pit. Finish with bespoke cushions and warm lightning options.

6. Sunken Patios –

Yes, we took inspiration from the 70s to include this look in our quick and budget-friendly patio designs. Just excavate to a certain depth, install proper drainage, pour concrete walls and sitting slabs, finish with a fire pit and exit stairs. Add some paving blocks on the pathway to the sunken patio. Cushions and accessories mark the completion of this successful patio project.

7. Floral Wall Patio –

If you already have a patio with an imposing wall and need a quick upgrade to impress upon your fellow neighbors, visit the flower nursery for some subshrubs and succulents. Mount a garden lattice to a hedge wall with earth pockets to plant the succulents and subshrubs. Take all creative licenses with designs, and there you have a wall of living art!

8. Lattice Patio –

Combine a lattice fence with flowering vines around a pallet patio for a rich and natural look. Do care to fumigate the area as vines attract insects. However, it’s a gorgeous and inexpensive idea to install.

9. Pergola & Net –

A gazebo would have been too expensive for a patio design, so we suggest a pergola with net curtains or fabric woven into the roof to keep insects away. It’s a romantic design for brightly lit evenings and backyard parties, and it offers redesign flexibility.

We hope you love these ideas, especially the concrete ones. And we would be more than glad to assist you with the concrete pouring and cantilevering wooden beams for those designs because it always helps to have the experts on board. If you have more ideas that we can collaborate on for beautifying your patio in a budget-friendly manner, get in touch for a free estimation on the services required. We are active in St Petersburg, FL, and other Sunshine Cities if you need us. Please hurry up and book a pumpkin spiced patio project with us to help make your evenings memorable!