Dos and Don’ts of Paver Installation

Dos and Don’ts of Paver Installation

A paving project has a significant impact on how well the exterior of your property looks. From a new driveway surrounded by patio blocks to a walkway made of beautiful patio paver stones, there are so many ways that you can enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

However, many property owners consider paving as a sideline. They put all their efforts into developing an attractive interior that they forget to renovate their property’s exterior. And even if they do, the work and steps involved in installing pavers are always underestimated.

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This guide will provide all the technical and practical knowledge about paver installation and the common mistakes to avoid.

1. Do Map Out Your Paver Installation Area

Before anything else, ensure mapping out the area where you need to lay the pavers. This will help you determine the estimated cost of your paving project and the amount of material you’d require.

Besides this, a map or drawing of your paver installation area will also give you a vision of how your pavement will look at the end of the project. In case you aren’t satisfied with the mock-up results, you can make changes accordingly.

2. Don’t Do the Guess Work

You need to be realistic with pavers. Whether it is the size of the material, area allocation, or anything related to the paving project, be sure about all the numbers and statistics.

Many people end up unhappy with pavers because all they did was guess or rely on their estimated value. Here, you must know how much area you need to pave after your outdoor facilities are installed.

3. Do Hire a Reliable Supplier

Even after doing all the necessary preparatory work for the paving project, you can still face failure because the supplier did not supply the materials on time. If not this, then the quality of the material supplied can also affect your paving project’s completion period.

Therefore, it is better to work with an authorized dealer/supplier who can meet all your deadlines, requirements, and expectations with ease. Also, ensure exploring all the product information and inventory beforehand.

4. Don’t Hammer Pavers Together

Trust us; we can also relate to the temptation you get when you see uneven pavers. But never use a hammer to even the pavers! You may just want to tighten the pavers to get a sleek and uniform look, but hammering pavers can create problems for you over time.

That’s why the best solution is always to keep a space of 3mm or 1/8″ between two pavers. You don’t need to measure the area, but a small gap between each paver can do the job for you.

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