Holiday Upgrades: Getting Your Pavement Ready Before Christmas

Holiday Upgrades: Getting Your Pavement Ready Before Christmas

While the pavement may not come first on your mind as a property owner, the condition of your parking lot can greatly influence the impression your visitors have when they enter your property.

Because a parking lot that is cracked, bumpy or chipped is more challenging to navigate in a car and on foot. Especially during the holiday season, when customers visit your store for their holiday shopping spree – you wouldn’t want them to skip your shop just because of a defective pavement.

Therefore, seeking pavement maintenance from a reliable asphalt paving company is essential. If you are looking for an experienced pavement contractor, then look no further; Resource Pavement Group is here with its best team of expert assistants to extend the life of your pavement and also ensure a better aesthetic appearance.

Those residing in Tampa, FL, can book their appointments today by clicking here. Also, make sure you check out these three best ways to maintain pavement during the holiday season without any hassle!

1. Regular Cleaning

Your pavement takes a beating and is subject to deterioration due to oil, snow and water, and wear and tear from the cars driving on it. Hence, it’s essential to take some time every few weeks to clean your pavement, however, not only during the holidays but also after that.

You can use a blower to remove debris pieces, including glass and pieces of asphalt aggregate.

Also, ensure sweeping your parking lot regularly, as this will not only keep your pavement in better condition, but it will also allow you to assess the condition of your pavement. Remember, debris can hide in the cracks and cover them, leading to more serious pavement problems.

2. Crack Sealing

If it is pavement, it will eventually have cracks. But crack sealing can help prevent serious problems with the pavement. You will have to make sure that no water gets in the cracks to damage the foundation. Even the smallest crack has the potential to destroy your entire pavement if it is not sealed at the right time.

In case you cannot seal the cracks yourself, you can always connect with us at Resource Pavement Group. Our experts can evaluate whether your pavement requires a filling and also teach you the differences in types of cracks that may be good for you. 

3. Sealcoating

Traffic, sun exposure, and moisture can age your pavement if you don’t maintain it properly. Know that sealcoating helps extend your surface’s life while protecting it from all kinds of exposures. Please note that if your asphalt is turning gray, cracks are forming, or the sand on the surface is wearing away, the seal coat may be the right choice for pavement maintenance.

Want someone in Tampa, FL, to look after your pavement assets as the holiday season is just around the corner? Click here and get a hold of our pavement maintenance services at Resource Pavement Group today!