How To Deal With Alligator Cracks Before Winter Arrives

How To Deal With Alligator Cracks Before Winter Arrives

It might sound like something useless, but as a property manager or owner of an asphalt road or parking lot, you need to be able to identify and differentiate between the different kinds of cracks that might appear on your pavement.

The reason is simply to understand the cause of damage and how you can deal with it. Of course, you can get a professional inspection, but where’s the harm in knowing for yourself?

Out of the different types of damage your surface might showcase, a severe one is alligator cracking. Have you seen any areas of your asphalt pavement featuring cracks that look like the pattern on an alligator’s back? That’s what we are referring to, and trust us, you are in for some expensive damage repair.

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Alligator cracking is not just a result of damage; it signifies a larger underlying issue. Alligator cracking is caused by problems with the pavement sub-base, which means simple repair methods for crack repair will prove ineffective since they focus on surface issues. 

What is the best method to repair alligator cracking?

Unlike with other types of cracks, alligator cracking requires extra attention for repair because it is more extensive damage. Crack sealing, followed by seal coating or an asphalt patch, are temporary solutions. They will not be able to control the damage for long.

The only way you can deal with alligator cracks is by repaving the asphalt pavement. Repaving is expensive so if you are thinking about cutting cost by milling your asphalt surface and replacing with new asphalt, then don’t.

Milling a few layers will not solve the issue. The new surface you get paved will end up cracking, too, because the problem runs deeper. 

You need complete removal of the pavement from the sub-base up and start paving from the ground using a hot mix asphalt. This is an extensive process that consists of many steps.

  • Demolition and Removal
  • Grading and Sloping
  • Sub-base Repair or Installation
  • Binder and Surface Course
  • New Asphalt Surface Installation
  • Butt Joints and Transitions
  • Compaction

Why should you complete repairs before winter?

You must complete all repair projects before winter because the weather conditions are extremely unfavorable for working with hot mix asphalt. Hot mix asphalt requires hot and dry conditions, making it the perfect repair project to dive into during Florida’s unbearably hot summer months.

On top of that, winters are when your asphalt surface gets the most damaged due to the thawing and freezing – especially if the surface has unfilled cracks.

Moisture from fog, rain, and melted snow and ice settles inside the pavement and expands due to the freezing temperature, which causes the cracks to enlarge. This is why it is necessary to repair all damage before winter; otherwise, it will worsen.

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