How To Protect Your Tennis Court During Winter

How To Protect Your Tennis Court During Winter

Like any piece of quality furniture or exterior needs to be taken care of during weather changes to last a long time, same is the case with tennis courts. Because they can take a severe hit and asks for costly repairs if preventive measures are not taken before the winter approaches. 

While outdoor or indoor tennis courts are a costly investment, they can get damaged if not taken care of properly. That’s why expert suggest several cautions to protect them from adverse weather conditions. 

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In today’s blog, we will discuss the different yet easy preventative measures that an individual can take to protect their court in harsh winter weather.

  • Removal Of Tennis Nets

Before the winter season arrival, the court nets must either be taken down if not played with or lowered down so that there is no direct pressure of the wind on them. Otherwise, the damaged nets can compromise playing techniques.

However, when taking down the net, they should be stored in a dry place, free from insects and rodents, which can gnaw at the net and damage it. 

  • Clearing The Tennis Court

With an outdoor tennis court, falling leaves from trees, debris, and other garbage can likely flow in from nearby.

As a preventative measure, the tennis court should be kept free of the items mentioned above and be covered with a tarp to protect the surface from high-pressure rain or snow. 

  • Cleaning The Stains

If there is any oil, paint, or water stains on the tennis court, one should clean them before the winter season begins. Otherwise, cold weather and ice residue on the ground can make the stains stubborn and harder to remove.

An easy way to remove these stains is to brush them with a cleaning solution and a soft-bristle brush. After that rinse the mixture with low pressure hose water as high-pressure hose water can cause damage to the tennis court. 

  • Patch It Away

Before beginning of the winter season, look for holes or cracks in the court to have them patched or filled before the weather sets. Cold weather and snow can cause further damage and expand the cracks, which could be easily repaired if not overlooked.

Moreover, if any repair on the sports surface is done, ensure covering it to prevent any mildew creating moisture on them. 

All the mentioned preventative measures are comfortable and can quickly be taken by any individual. If these measures are ignored, it can lead to costly tennis court resurfacing.

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