Asphalt Pavement

Commercial Asphalt Pavement

RPG provides asphalt paving solutions to commercial businesses of all sorts. Whether its factories, hospitals, retail areas, or shopping centers, RPG’s commercial paving solutions are all-inclusive. With our team of paving veterans, we help to prolong your paved surface’s life by using top-grade asphalt pavement materials that guarantee unshakeable asphalt structures!

We start our asphalt paving procedure by mixing high-quality materials including a mixture of aggregate and asphalt cement. Once combined, our experts smoothly apply this mixture over your paved area to give it a spotless appearance and make your driveways and parking lots stand out from the rest!

Residential Asphalt Pavement

The top reason why asphalt paving is the most sought-after choice of composite material is simple. Asphalt paving grants strong and resilient structures for both commercial and residential properties and prevents these surfaces from easily yielding to large cracks and potholes.

Residential asphalt paving is the solution to your problems if you dread dealing with frequent repairs usually needed by concrete surfaces. With asphalt pavement, your surface is bound to survive several years of wear and tear without yielding to cracks easily. This is why we, at RPG, always advise our clients to choose asphalt since it is a highly durable material for residential properties such as private roads, driveways, and parking areas.

With asphalt, water can no longer seep into your roads, buildings, or parking lots easily. This, once again, proves that asphalt is the perfect candidate for residential asphalt surfaces since it assures road safety, prevention from car accidents, and tripping hazards for pedestrians.

So if you are on the hunt to get a residential asphalt pavement, RPG is your number one pit-stop! We focus on using the perfect ratio of asphalt materials based on your location to ensure your asphalt surface is compatible with your geographical setting.

Asphalt Milling

If you are looking to spruce up your pavement without having to repave it from scratch, asphalt milling is your answer. Asphalt milling involves shaving off a few inches from your pavement’s surface as a means to level out any irregularities. Since asphalt milling requires minimal effort in getting a pavement look in ship-shape condition again, it is a cult-favorite amongst our customers.

It’s also a favorite because it costs less than repaving a pavement entirely and also because it saves unnecessary patch-up time. All in all, asphalt milling is for those scenarios when your pavement is slightly out-of-shape and could use a little TLC to look in mint condition again.