Concrete Construction

Concrete foundations

Customers who are aiming for a low-maintenance pavement option, always opt for concrete at RPG. This is mainly because concrete not only requires very little maintenance, but it has also proven to be a highly durable and cost-efficient material. Concrete definitely costs more than asphalt, but it also requires almost no attention as compared to asphalt, making it a better choice for customers who are looking to cut down on their high repair costs.

Our concrete at RPG will prolong the lifespan of your pavement and will significantly slow down your pavement’s deterioration speed. We, at RPG, construct foundations such as sidewalks, pavers, driveways, curbs, retaining walls, catch basins, ADA curb cut ramps, and ADA handrails to name a few.

Whatever assistance you need in constructing your concrete foundations, RPG is at your service to take care of your concrete surface’s repair, paving, and maintenance

Stamped concrete

RPG caters stamped concrete services for clients who are looking to upgrade their landscape’s exterior but without having to pay a hefty price. Stamped concrete imitates the appearance of stones, and is why our experts at RPG use affordable materials such as bricks, pavers, tiles, wood, flagstone, and natural stones for a striking aesthetic.
The best part is, stamped concrete offers a wide range of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from. With our stamped concrete service at RPG, you can get the patio or driveway of your dreams without compromising on your budget!
Stamped concrete is also low-maintenance, performs an outstanding job in boosting your home value, and, is an excellent budget-friendly option in enhancing your outdoor space!

Catch Basin Repairs

Catch basins are a vital part of any pavement project as it smoothly maneuvers water into the drain during rainy days. However, if not maintained with regular repairs, catch basins can deteriorate in the slightest exposure to water and further damage its surrounding areas.

For this reason, we at RPG help secure your catch basins to ensure effortless water navigation and prevention from water infiltration and damage. We use high-quality asphalt to lock-in the catch basin’s surrounding surface from water seepage and ultimately, complete concrete destruction. This prevents water from invading the catch basin’s surrounding open area and helps it to last for a considerably longer time than usual.