Grading is the first step before constructing a building or installing a pavement. Our grading service at RPG focuses on leveling-out the foundation for your pavement, building, road, or any other landscape so that the structure is securely installed.

This assures your surface is safely installed without posing any threats of collapsing. It also ensures the surrounding areas of your pavement are well-supported with a proper drainage system to avoid water build-up.

Our grading services also include; pavement removal, fine grading, base installation, and full-depth repairs for weak and uneven structures. Our team of professional grading experts will use heavy-duty equipment such as excavators and bulldozers to prepare the site for new construction projects such as roads, industrialized buildings, commercial areas, and landscape structures.

We have also broadened our horizons by grading your commercial or residential sites for curbs, sidewalks, pipe installations, and detention ponds. Whatever grading solution you are on the hunt for, you are sure to find it with our team at RPG!

If you reside in Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Pete, Florida and need site grading for your commercial or residential property, get in touch with our experts at (813) 389-0523. We will visit you to evaluate your property and determine which service best suits your situation!

Asphalt Repairs

Another expertise RPG is proud to offer is crack sealing. Crack sealing is for those situations when your roads’ and driveways’ surface has minor cracks and could use RPG’s crack sealing service to prevent water penetration and surface damage. Crack sealing will also extend your asphalt’s lifespan at a relatively low cost. This means your driveways and roads will last for years to come without needing major repairs or resurfacing!

Our experts get to work with filling in both small and large surface cracks. They do so by cleaning up the surface so that the crack filling solution strongly adheres to the surface without slipping off.

Asphalt Emulsion

When it comes to paving roads, highways, and pavement, paving is not the problem; rather, it’s the maintenance that comes right after it! Asphalt repairs and maintenance no longer have to be a bother thanks to our experts at RPG who work tirelessly in catering to your pavement’s maintenance and repair needs.

With our pavement specialists by your side, you no longer have to face the trouble of large cracks and potholes. We come to your doorstep to evaluate your pavement’s condition and then dig right in with getting your road and parking lot back in shape!

It is natural for an asphalt surface to give in to Florida’s scorching heat. But when you contact RPG to repair your asphalt surface, you can be at ease knowing we install the most durable and heat-resistant material for a long-lasting asphalt surface!

Our asphalt repair service involves getting into the crux of the issue and fixing only what is needed to avoid unnecessary resurfacing and repair time. With our high-quality asphalt repair tools, we help extend the life of your roads, driveways, and pavement without overstepping your budget!