Paver Installation

With so many paver installation companies in the market, it’s difficult whom to go to for your paving needs! Luckily for you, our paver installation services based in Tampa, Florida are one of the most trending paver installation companies in the business. Thanks to our microscopic precision, we are always up to date with following the latest paving trends in the paving industry!

Whether it’s installing concrete pavers or stone, RPG does it all! We hold over 20 years of experience in the field of installing pavement for your patios, driveways, and gardens to elevate your home’s value and enhance your curb appeal.

Besides skyrocketing your house’s value, pavers are also known to increase the look and feel of your house into something magical and heavenly. Essentially, pavers are just what you need when you want to wow your family and friends and have your house make a unique statement!

We offer a myriad of color schemes, patterns, sizes, and styles to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Select from our numerous collection of design and style templates, or better yet, share your own creativity to have the pavement of your dreams.

The fun part is, you can even mix and match different colors and textures to give your patio or driveway that extra pizzazz! Whatever your imagination is for the perfect paving look, we at RPG make it a reality.

Another reason why paver installations are necessary for your property is to protect your pavement against cracking and chipping – which can happen if there isn’t a protective closing covering your underlying surface.

We carefully install pavers that are slip-resistant so that you can enjoy your time playing in your patio with water without worrying about tripping. We also install pavers in a way that can be removed and replaced in the future, should you want to change the look of your landscape.

Along with installing beautiful slip-resistant pavers, our paving experts also install fade-resistant concrete, brick, and stone pavers that easily last up to a decade without fading, chipping, or cracking apart.

If you are looking to upgrade your backyards’ or patio’s aesthetic, know that you can trust us in making your exterior space into an amazing area of entertainment. You can finally have a beautiful place where you can have family reunions, BBQ parties, and much more without exceeding your paving budget!

No matter what size your space is for requiring a paver installation, we work with all spaces and surface textures to give you a charming paving outcome