Over time, your asphalt pavement will deteriorate. This could be either due to exposure to harsh weather conditions or the rough usage of cars and vehicles every day. Thankfully, RPG steps in to save the day and your asphalt pavement with its sealcoating service!

Sealcoating is the final touch to your asphalt pavement and helps ‘seal’ all the essential elements of a surface to protect it from cracks and chips. Our pro sealcoating service involves using a protective tar sealer coating that drastically improves your pavement’s appearance and prevents it from water seepage, dirt, frost heaves, and cracks.

Leave it to our experts at RPG to protect your pavement surface from harmful ultraviolet rays and oxidation caused by harsh sunrays with pro sealcoating. We will seal your surfaces either by using a spray or squeegee application to evenly seal coat your asphalt surface for maximum protection!

Crack Filling

Another expertise RPG is proud to offer is crack sealing. Crack sealing is for those situations when your roads’ and driveways’ surface has minor cracks and could use RPG’s crack sealing service to prevent water penetration and surface damage. Crack sealing will also extend your asphalt’s lifespan at a relatively low cost. This means your driveways and roads will last for years to come without needing major repairs or resurfacing!

Our experts get to work with filling in both small and large surface cracks. They do so by cleaning up the surface so that the crack filling solution strongly adheres to the surface without slipping off.

Asphalt Emulsion

Paving methods continue to improve with the help of advanced technology and have resulted in paving methods known as asphalt emulsion. RPG uses asphalt emulsion which is an emulsion of liquid asphalt cement, water, and an emulsifying agent that is used to seal coat asphalt surfaces.
Asphalt emulsion is used to evenly coat asphalt surfaces through spray or squeegee application.
With the help of a spray or squeegee applicator, our pavement experts carefully coat asphalt surfaces to seal the surface’s elements in place. This further strengthens your pavement surface and prolongs its durability for several years!

Coal Tar Emulsion

We also use coal tar emulsion to protect your precious pavement from harsh UV rays, oil spills, and grease stains. This is by far the best product to use if you are looking for a highly durable sealer that will secure your asphalt surface for up to 5 years and shield your roads from high traffic volumes.