Sports Court Resurfacing

Our sports coat resurfacing services involves using the most high-quality pigments and acrylic resins to create long-lasting and evenly-coated surfaces for recreational and residential sport surfaces.

With our premium-quality sports resurfacing products that use the finest acrylic mixture, we ensure your basketball and tennis courts’ surfaces look appealing to the eyes and allow durable results.

Our sports resurfacing service isn’t limited to the outdoors. If you have indoor sports facilities such as indoor basketball or tennis courts that need to be repaired and resurfaced, RPG’s resurfacing services are just the thing for you.

We also provide resurfacing for other commercial properties such as roller hockey surfaces, school playgrounds, running tracks, and skateboarding surfaces.

The most common issue most recreational grounds suffer is from cracks and faded lines which occur due to regular exposure to UV rays and frequent use of the surface during the gaming season. But with our resurfacing service, we promise to deliver you sturdy and attractive surfaces in the most cost-efficient method possible.

Resurfacing will also depend on the current state of your tennis or basketball court. If your existing surface is thoroughly damaged and out of use, we will install a fresh coating that will make your ground play-friendly. However, if your surface has very minimal damage, a simple acrylic coating to bring your surface’s color back to vitality will be sufficient.

Whether it’s applying a fresh coat or replacing your sporting surface entirely, there is no doubt resurfacing your court’s exterior will prolong its lifespan and improve the quality of playability. We offer a wide range of colors, designs, and products according to the look, feel, and purpose you are going for.

So if your sports surface is outdoors, we specifically install UV ray-shielding and rain-proof materials to reduce surface damage in the long run. But if your surface is located indoors, we apply a cutting-edge slip-resistant resurfacing material to provide a firmer grip for players while giving the surface a neat and glossy finish.

And because air gets trapped indoors creating a humid environment for both sports players and audience members, we install resurfacing materials that give a cooling-effect to the surface. We use materials that quicken the drying-down process when tennis and basketball courts are washed. This reduces the chances of prolonged evaporation and offers a form of ventilation for the surface.

We are proud to say that with using the most innovative resurfacing materials and techniques, your sports surfaces will easily last up to eight years – or longer!