Red Flags To Avoid When Choosing A Paving Company

Red Flags To Avoid When Choosing A Paving Company

Any property owner’s worst nightmare: you thought you hired a skilled paving contractor for the job, but…

What happened to the pavement? Is the surface deteriorating before the completion of its service life? How severe are the damages? Can they be repaired with minor fixes? And how can you be sure it won’t happen again?

While it is common to believe in the word of mouth when choosing a reliable, professional, and cost-effective asphalt paving company, other hiring criteria also play a significant role in verifying the same. If you reside in Tampa, FL, you need not worry anymore because the Resource Pavement Group is here to cater to your paving needs.

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In today’s blog, we’ll highlight all the red flags that you must closely observe to save yourself from hiring inexperienced or unreliable paving contractors.

1- Vague (or Nonexistent) Pricing Estimates

Professional companies with years of experience in the paving industry know the value of prices and correct estimation of the project. So, if the paving company you’ve chosen doesn’t provide you with all the relevant details and pricing structure regarding your project, know that they are exploiting your trust and aiming to profit selfishly. Therefore, you must walk away from the businesses that avoid or delay pricing discussions.

2- Inefficient Communication

Remember, communication reveals a lot about a paving contractor. If you have to wait for days to get back a reply on your simple paving query, what will happen if there’s a major issue, but the contractor is out of reach? This will not only cause misunderstandings but will also delay the task at hand.

That’s why it is crucial to note the response time of the contractor and how efficiently they provide the answers. Also, don’t be shy about asking questions you have in mind related to their work processes or equipment used.

3- No Portfolio or Client Feedback

Know that the paving work done will significantly impact the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property. Therefore, relying on a contractor with no portfolio or client reviews/testimonials on the website is a big question mark on their services!

Not to forget, any professional paving contractor will have a satisfied client-base and a portfolio of the services they have offered throughout the time. If your chosen contractor doesn’t, consider this as a red alert and rethink your decision of hiring them.

4- No License or Certification

When a business is approved; it has completed the specific level/time of training and possesses the expert professionals required to do the job efficiently. Moreover, such companies are officially permitted to accept work offers and provide their services to all residents. So, if the paving company you’ve hired doesn’t have the license or relevant certification to do the job, consider taking a U-turn. Otherwise, not only the project’s quality can be compromised, but the completion time and cost will also be affected.

Choosing the right paving contractor can be challenging only when you aren’t aware of an unprofessional and inexperienced contractor’s significant red flags.

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