Signs Your Hard Court Needs Resurfacing

Signs Your Hard Court Needs Resurfacing

Being in charge of a sport or recreational facility is a lot of work. We are not saying this to demotivate you or make you realize what a hard job it is to be a property manager but to tell you how important your role is so we can move to our next statement.

Pat yourself on the back, be proud of all that you do, and aspire to do better as a lot depends on you.

The hard work that you put in to keep the place up and running is critical for all parties associated with it. Take hard courts, for example.

If your hard court is in shambles due to lack of proper maintenance and repair, it will directly affect the players’ safety using the court, who can file a lawsuit if they are injured due to your negligence.

Also, it will affect the property value and curb appeal, as well as inflate repair costs. So before you are left with no choice but to opt for an early repaving, you should start paying attention now.

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If your hard court surface is badly damaged, then small scale repairs are not the answer. You might need resurfacing. However, before you take any decision, get your court assessed by an expert to find out the extent of damage and possible solutions.

If the surface of your sports court is badly damaged, you need to take some action soon before the foundation is compromised too.

Small-scale repairs would probably act only as a temporary solution, which means very soon you will have more repairs on your hands. Instead of inconveniencing clients by closing down the court every few months and repeatedly paying for repairs, it is wise to opt for resurfacing, only if the issue isn’t with your base.

Getting a professional assessment could take days and even weeks; we understand that waiting that long is taxing, so if you want to know if it is time for resurfacing, then look out for the following signs.

Pooling Water

Another sign that your hard court needs resurfacing is that it is not draining properly. Sports courts drain fairly quickly after rainfall or wash especially porous ones, but if the water stays on the court for an extended time and pools after even a light rain shower, there are problems with the hard court’s surface.

Prominent Cracks

The most obvious sign that your sports court needs resurfacing is if the surface starts breaking up, and more and more cracks start to appear on it. The result of this could be wear or damage from roots and other elements.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew look unappealing and can eat away at the court over time. It is a constant tripping hazard for players and can aggravate existing respiratory conditions after long-term exposure. So once you see noticeable moss or mold growth on your court, and before they make the court impossible to play on, you need to take action.

Faded Paint and Lines

If the paint and lines on your court have pretty much disappeared, a proof of which is that it is becoming impossible for players to keep score, you need resurfacing. The court lines can be repainted, but a faded court is a signer of deeper issues, many of which you will soon encounter if you do not take timely action.

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