The Best Products To Use To Clean Your Concrete Surfaces

The Best Products To Use To Clean Your Concrete Surfaces

At Resource Pavement Group, we always tell our clients to treat their concrete driveways as an investment. A newly paved concrete looks gorgeous, and homeowners in Tampa, Florida, should aim to maintain the beautiful appearance for as long as possible.

Of course, maintaining your concrete surfaces may sometimes require repair work as well. Click here to learn how we can help maintain your concrete pavement.

But in most other cases, thoroughly cleaning your surfaces regularly does the job. And most cleaning materials you need to rid your driveway of stains can be found around the house. Here are some of the best products you can use to keep your concrete looking good.


To start off, bleach is a great cleaning agent when you want to cover large concrete parts. Simply add ¾ of a cup of liquid bleach to warm water, and start mopping your driveway. Once you have thoroughly mopped the area, let the bleach sit for a few minutes before cleaning it with water. 

Do remember to keep yourself safe when handling bleach, and at least wear gloves to avoid any burns or skin irritation. It is important that you don’t mix bleach with any other cleaning agent.


Unless you’re health-conscious, you’ll probably have some soda in your fridge. Well, guess what, soda works wonders for stained concrete! After all, soda contains various acids that enable you to get rid of the toughest stains.

We don’t want to name any particular soda brand. Pour soda over the stained area and let it work its magic for up to 30 minutes. You can then scrub, wipe, or mop away the stain with a cleaner and water.


Here’s another potent cleaning agent that you can use to keep your concrete surface shiny. The benefit of using vinegar is that’s it’s all-natural. So if you have plants near your driveway, vinegar is the solution (no pun intended). 

Find a spray bottle and fill it with equal parts of water and vinegar. Just add a teeny bit of liquid dish detergent and spray the mixture over the concrete. Let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes, and then scrub to remove the stains. Finally, rinse the concrete with clean water.

Baking Soda

Just like vinegar, baking soda can also help you lower toxin levels while cleaning your driveway. You can create the same liquid mix with baking soda as you do with vinegar, and it works equally well.


Moving on, if you have an occasional grease spill on your hands, some good old detergent will do the trick. So always keep strong detergent, sponge, and a scrub brush handy to deal with fresh stains before they fossilize on your driveway!

Concrete Cleaner

Finally, if you have a driveway built from porous concrete, consider stocking on some concrete cleaners or degreasers. These cleaning agents usually comprise alkaline soap, which is great for removing oil stains.

There you go! Use these household products to clean your concrete regularly to preserve its service life. And if you need professional services, click here to reach out to our experts at Resource Pavement Group in Tampa, Florida.