The Why & How Of Driveway Grading

The Why & How Of Driveway Grading

Always remember no two driveways are the same. You might have hired the same pavers as your neighbor did, but your driveway can still deteriorate before theirs. You may see cracks finding their way into the surface, weed growing, and ruts forming; all that can make the driving experience uncomfortable.

The reason: improper grading of a driveway. As it not only compromises the aesthetic appeal of the driveway and advances the surface degradation.

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Now, the first-time driveway owners might be wondering what driveway grading is. This blog involves a discussion about driveway grading – its definition, importance, and the process.

What is Driveway Grading?

Driveway grading is a process where one has to choose between having a zero gradient or a high gradient. Here, zero gradient means a flat driveway with no slope, whereas a high gradient means a crown in the middle of the driveway.

Know that driveway grading is performed in the initial stages of pavement construction after the base is created. However, in cases where driveway materials expand or contract with time, grading should be done regularly to retain its real properties.

Importance of Driveway Grading

Have you ever seen water flooding on your driveways after a rainfall? Well, the driveway grading may be the real culprit behind it.

If your driveway is flat, it shows that it is made with zero gradient. Hence, the water would then pool on the surface and even seep under the driveway, resulting in advancement in driveway deterioration. Moreover, if the driveway is edged higher than the surface, the improper grading may cause flooding.

Besides this, if the driveway has a higher gradient, all the drainage and degrading issues can be efficiently dealt with. However, you may still have to perform driveway grading regularly if it is made of gravel. Because as vehicles drove over the surface, potholes and cracks can form – this might ruin the driveway’s performance before time.

How to Efficiently Grade a Driveway?

First, you need to determine the type of driveway that you need to install for your property. There are driveways made of gravel that can be graded with hands and given a crown. On the other hand, towable driveways require special tools such as graders and grading blades to grade the driveway efficiently.

After choosing the driveway type, ensure that the ground is compacted enough to create a suitable and robust base for the driveway regardless of the grading needs.

Next, hire expert driveway graders to create the right grade for you. Because mistakes at the grading stage can lead to severe inconveniences in the future, so, why take the risk?

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