Why Recycled Asphalt Is The Best Thing For Your Parking Lot

Why Recycled Asphalt Is The Best Thing For Your Parking Lot

Property managers and business owners looking into getting a parking lot paved on their commercial property are presented with several considerations.

One of the most significant and impactful amongst which is the choice of paving material for the project. When looking into materials for a parking lot, people instantly consider asphalt and cement, but they fail to take into account that this further leads to a choice between new and old aggregates. 

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Why are people so wary or adverse to reusing paving materials like recycled asphalt? Maybe it is the concept that new asphalt is more durable or long-lasting. Or maybe old asphalt does not look as presentable as new asphalt.

They are wrong. Below are a few old asphalt myths we have debunked and a few reasons why you should use recycled asphalt for your parking lot. 

You will save money

It is less expensive to have your parking lot paved with recycled asphalt. Your parking lot project’s overall cost would be reduced as you will save a lot on material costs. Since the cost for a commercial company using recycled asphalt will be lowered, in most cases, the profit or savings they make from the project will also trickle down to you.

Good for business reputation and conscience

Using recycled asphalt will help you reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing your reliance on materials that harm the environment. Also, it reduces the materials that end up in landfills. 

On top of that, you will be preserving precious resources. Many of the materials used in parking lot paving like sand, stone, and gravel are natural resources. Thus, by using asphalt millings, you are essentially helping preserve these limited resources to be used for more important things.

Being a conscious and green business can do wonders for your brand’s reputation in today’s world, where consumers are more aware than they ever were.

Quality is the same as new

The quality of both recycled asphalt and new asphalt is practically the same. There are no differences, so parking lots made from either will last the same amount of time, depending on whether other factors stay the same or not. The overall durability and sturdiness are the same, if not better.

You could cut down taxes

Through the integration of green improvements to your business practices and structure, you could save money on your taxes in the form of tax breaks. It would be advisable to consult a good accountant who might advise you on the best practices to cut down tax dollars and the latest tax breaks associated with green businesses.

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