Why Should You Choose Eco-Friendly Paving Options?

Why Should You Choose Eco-Friendly Paving Options?

Businesses and homeowners in the US have preferred asphalt driveways over other alternatives for decades. Asphalt has been a popular choice for parking lots and pavements due to its exceptional durability and resilience.

Concrete and asphalt have met the paving needs of people most reliably. But many of us forget the impact they have had on our environment and the planet over the years. We are facing an extreme environmental crisis as of now, and the only way forward is to prioritize environmentally friendly paving options.

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Why Go Green?

Choosing eco-friendly options for paving and asphalt laying applications is going to contribute to a lot of benefits. As a community, we can make the most of the ecological and economic advantages of choosing green alternatives for paving.

Following are some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly paving options:

  • Reduced landfill
  • Conservation of non-renewable natural resources like oil, gas, and coal.
  • Improved air quality
  • Lesser consumption of time and labor
  • Reduced manufacturing costs

Ecofriendly Paving Alternatives

1. Open Grids of Concrete 

Other than traditional concrete pavements, businesses and homeowners can opt for open grids made from recycled concrete. Professional pavers can offer to use original concrete to make the grids, or they can also use eco-friendly concrete.

The open grids limit the usage and consumption of concrete and facilitate drainage and protection against erosion. They are designed to be durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. The open grids are ready-made and available in the standardized 24” x 15.75″ blocks, which are laid adjacent to each other to form a grid.

Each of the blocks has uniformly built 4 square holes that help with the drainage of water. They can be later filled with soils to plant grass for the sake of improved aesthetics.

2. Eco-friendly Asphalt & Concrete

Paving professionals also offer eco-friendly asphalt and concrete as options for the construction of driveways and pavements. Recycled asphalt and concrete is a highly sustainable alternative that reduces landfill.

The extracted concrete and asphalt of old driveways, parking lots, and pavements are sent to recycling plants where the old bits are repurposed to offer much more sustainable construction solutions. This way, homeowners and businesses get to spend less money on the materials for the repairs or the construction of pavements.

3. Permeable Paver Grid System

Permeable paver grids are the most sustainable alternative for paving. These paver grids do not necessarily require asphalt or concrete. They are made from 100% recycled plastics and fillers that are resilient and highly durable.

The permeable grids are molded in a design to allow water to drain and go back into nature through the gravel, dirt, or grass. The grid system can be easily installed and require less maintenance than porous asphalt and concrete.

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