Winter Care Tips For Your Asphalt Pavement

Winter Care Tips For Your Asphalt Pavement

Winter is just around the corner, and that entails a change in the maintenance routine. Your pavement needs more care in the frost and snow than it does in any other season, and we are not just referring to the preparatory measures. We are referring to the things that need to be done day in and day out.

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Keeping the surface clean is of the utmost importance year-round. However, it is especially important right before the snow hits the ground.

Large pieces of debris, if not removed, will freeze to the ground underneath the snow, which causes issues during snow plowing. If these debris pieces are not removed, it will damage the asphalt surface through the winter.

Snow and ice removal

Removing the snow regularly is necessary to protect the surface against the extreme temperature and moisture. If the surface is left with snow and ice, it will get damaged. However, to save our pavement from this damage, the actions most of us take end up damaging the surface either way, if not more. 

The most common deicing methods and shoveling substantially harm the topmost layer of the asphalt.


Using salt or commercial deicers containing harsh chemicals effectively melt snow and ice. Yet, their long-term use also severely damages the surface layer of the asphalt pavement by weakening the binding between the asphalt pieces.

Some people also pour hot water on the concrete to melt the ice and snow. However, the cold of the ice, followed by the heat from the hot water, followed by the cold air, causes rapid changes in the asphalt temperature. This results in more and bigger cracks to appear on the pavement.

Metallic shovels

The shovel’s metallic head repeatedly hitting the asphalt with force damages the surface since the ground is covered by snow so no one can see where the shovel hits. The shovel loosens the finishing layer of the surface.

Pothole repair

All repair and seal coating work should be completed before winter hits because the cold will cause the materials to cool down quickly, resulting in a sloppy job. However, potholes can still be repaired in the winter using a cold asphalt mix, but only before snowfall.

Remove standing water

Look out for waterlogging issues. If you find any, then be sure to remove all traces of moisture; otherwise, they will freeze and cause irreparable damage to the asphalt, which will need crack filling and other repairs come spring.

There aren’t many paving, repair, or maintenance projects that can be undertaken during winter, so you have to wait till spring before taking any counteraction. The most you can do is take precautions to avoid the damage and live through the cold.

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